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Do I have to buy a service or maintenance contract at the time of vehicle purchase?

It depends. Vehicle service contracts may be purchased at any time while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect. After the warranty has expired, a vehicle service contract may be purchased only at the time of vehicle purchase.


Can I purchase Ally Premier Protection on a used GM car?

Yes, but your vehicle service contract must be purchased at the time you buy the vehicle.


Will I receive an Ally Premier Protection contract upon receipt of purchase?

You will receive a copy of the completed, signed contract registration to use as a temporary agreement. A personalized agreement and identification card will be mailed to you by Ally.


What if I sell my vehicle before the Ally Premier Protection plan expires?

Your contract can be transferred to the new owner upon sale of the vehicle or the remainder of the contract can be canceled.


Can I renew or extend an Ally Premier Protection plan?

In most cases, yes. Coverage can be renewed anytime during the manufacturer’s warranty. After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, coverage can be renewed if the existing APP/Mechanical Repair Protection contract has at least 2 months and 2,000 miles of coverage term remaining.